Why URLRealm is not ready yet?

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·Sep 12, 2022·

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URLRealm Logo URLRealm is a URL-Shortener programmed in JavaScript. I wrote an announcement post almost a year ago. So what happened to it? Where is it? Is there any progress in development? How long will it take? I will explain all the points in this post. So, stay tuned.

What happened?

Being a student, it's hard for me to follow hobbies and study. But still, I try to manage and do both things. So, I haven't dropped the idea of making a URL shortener, just I forgot about it.

Is there any progress in development?

Now that I remember about it again, I am going to make sure I will complete it this time. I have already before the logic part of how this URL shortener will work, in Javascript.

Screenshot of index.html file of URLRealm in VS Code

How long will it take?

I have already written the logic part so, now I only have to design the website for URLRealm. I have unit tests and after that, I have 1 week holiday so during that time I will design the home page.

By the way, I forgot to mention, that I have also made a logo for this shortener. Hope you would like it.

Is it gonna be good?

Can't say about it but I will try my best to make it good. I am a student and did not have much experience in building such huge projects. So, I can just try to make it better with every version.

I will make it open source so that people around the web can contribute to this free URL shortener and make it better and probably one of the best shorteners made in Javascript.

You can connect with me on Twitter to find out more about the development.

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